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Our services create competitive advantage through Platform Technology Business Models.

IT Finance management: interim services

IT Finance business expertise and thinking power when needed. IT financial Management is complex and should be approached progressively based on IT goals and corporate Finance. As a reliable IT Finance Business Partner, participates in executive meetings regarding the strategic direction of the company, its vision, and execute.

platform (digital) business: model services

In order to leverage your value creation we apply strategy & business management concepts to leading edge business models. We first have to investigate your multisided business model. Value creation is a highly dynamic process we frame strategy with fitting solutions how profits are in value capture by platform participants.

Ecosystem business valuations

Early-stage growth capital is risky. But capital investment is an essential catalyst to scale up technological innovations. We believe the attached risks can be addressed in a more calculated manner, which will boost successful growth with our valuation Services.

Investing in your business

Growfield’s investment in your company is always based on predetermined KPIs. We invest only when we believe you can achieve growth and contribute to create a meaningful ecosystem of solutions for our world. Our goal is to help you establish an agreement with investors who can deliver value

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